Love’s Labour’s Lost – The Factory

I have been a member of The Factory theatre for several years now. The Factory has a reputation for doing very innovative, often improvised work but with a deep understanding of text. We work in a spontaneous manner and never block scenes or decide what to do in advance but try wherever possible to be in the moment of playing. We decided to work on Love’s Labour’s Lost because it is a less familiar play. I really enjoyed meeting online and studying the text with the Factory’s associates every week throughout April, May and June.

Link to The Factory

We were due to play at the Willow Globe in Wales but unfortunately the event had to be cancelled. Instead, we decided to put the show online and performed a version on Zoom that was livestreamed on YouTube.

We made some decisions beforehand – such as casting, there were also a few cuts to the text. However, as every actor was filming alone in their home we had no idea what the background would look like, how they would play it or indeed what might happen due to the limitations of technology. In order to try and bring a Factory feel to the online experience, we asked the audience beforehand to suggest household items that we had to incorporate as props into the show. The results of this varied wildly… I play Jaquenetta.

You can find it on YouTube HERE

The Shape Of Things To Come – Square

The Shape Of Things To Come – Square

The production company 58 Miles was established by 3 incredible actors who were all part of the RSC’s 2019/2020 season. Their global tour was cut short by the pandemic but undeterred they created some short films during lockdown. I appear in Square, the second in The Shape Of Things To Come trilogy all written by Amelia Donkor.

The films were shot entirely on Zoom from our own houses. I think Amelia has done a brilliant job of writing for the technology available and the circumstances we all found ourselves in. Rehearsing and shooting something not only creative but so very funny certainly brought some joy to the difficult times.

You can watch Square HERE


January & February 2016 – ANY MEANS NECESSARY

Nottingham Playhouse (Link)

Continuing my work in topical, political plays I’m thrilled to be part of the cast of this new play exploring the story of the undercover cops deployed to infiltrate political activist groups. The story hit the headlines in 2010 when police officer Mark Kennedy/Mark Stone was unmasked by environmental activists following the aborted protest at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Since then, despite the Met police’s policy of ‘neither confirm nor deny’ in relation to the undercover officers (part of the SDS and NPOIU) over 40 years, in November 2015 the Met issued an outright apology to the women who were tricked into having relationships with them. A full inquiry into what happened began in January 2016 and is likely to continue for the next 3 years. (Link)

Any Means Necessary is a fictional account of one of these stories. It is a privilege to be part of such an important piece of work. It is also a joy to be working with a female writer in a cast dominated by women!
I play Leanne, police officer Dave Cross’s wife; at home with kids and unaware of what his job actually involves… (BBC News Link)


This is a French action remake of the 1974 heist-turned-road-movie.
It was previewed at Cannes in 2015.
In the English language version I voice the character Maria.
You can watch the official trailer for the French film here
And read a review of it here: here


Lightbox Theatre R&D (Link)

I spent a week as part of an ensemble with Emma Faulkner, Artistic Director of Lightbox exploring how Maurice Maeterlinck’s classic text could be adapted as a small-scale touring piece for families. The whole cast played various roles. The production is scheduled for Christmas 2016.


HighTide Festival & Unity Theatre, Liverpool (Link)

I was thrilled to revive my role as Denise. This time I played opposite Steven Elder as Stefano both at the HighTide Festival in Aldeburgh and then the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Our show at the Unity was supported by a series of different community outreach pieces, including plays written in response to Lampedusa, cabaret and even an African beach party! Again, we were delighted to receive rave reviews: 4 stars: Liverpool Echo, Liverpool Sound & Vision

Link to: HighTide