Love’s Labour’s Lost – The Factory

I have been a member of The Factory theatre for several years now. The Factory has a reputation for doing very innovative, often improvised work but with a deep understanding of text. We work in a spontaneous manner and never block scenes or decide what to do in advance but try wherever possible to be in the moment of playing. We decided to work on Love’s Labour’s Lost because it is a less familiar play. I really enjoyed meeting online and studying the text with the Factory’s associates every week throughout April, May and June.

Link to The Factory

We were due to play at the Willow Globe in Wales but unfortunately the event had to be cancelled. Instead, we decided to put the show online and performed a version on Zoom that was livestreamed on YouTube.

We made some decisions beforehand – such as casting, there were also a few cuts to the text. However, as every actor was filming alone in their home we had no idea what the background would look like, how they would play it or indeed what might happen due to the limitations of technology. In order to try and bring a Factory feel to the online experience, we asked the audience beforehand to suggest household items that we had to incorporate as props into the show. The results of this varied wildly… I play Jaquenetta.

You can find it on YouTube HERE