January & February 2016 – ANY MEANS NECESSARY

Nottingham Playhouse (Link)

Continuing my work in topical, political plays I’m thrilled to be part of the cast of this new play exploring the story of the undercover cops deployed to infiltrate political activist groups. The story hit the headlines in 2010 when police officer Mark Kennedy/Mark Stone was unmasked by environmental activists following the aborted protest at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station. Since then, despite the Met police’s policy of ‘neither confirm nor deny’ in relation to the undercover officers (part of the SDS and NPOIU) over 40 years, in November 2015 the Met issued an outright apology to the women who were tricked into having relationships with them. A full inquiry into what happened began in January 2016 and is likely to continue for the next 3 years. (Link)

Any Means Necessary is a fictional account of one of these stories. It is a privilege to be part of such an important piece of work. It is also a joy to be working with a female writer in a cast dominated by women!
I play Leanne, police officer Dave Cross’s wife; at home with kids and unaware of what his job actually involves… (BBC News Link)