Poetry for BBC Radio Kent

'The Orange' by Wendy Cope (Introduction by Steven Elder)

by Louise Mai Newberry | Arts programme for BBC Radio Kent

My dear friend and very accomplished actor Steven Elder has a regular slot on the Arts programme for BBC Radio Kent. To help people get through the lockdown, the show’s presenter asked Steve to record some poetry for the show.

I decided to read one of my favourite poems The Orange, by Wendy Cope and to do it outside as I was aware that for many people unable to leave their homes, the sound of the birds would be as much of a comfort as the poem itself.


At last, a chance to play opposite my dear friend Jamie Zubairi! I listened avidly to the first season of the Inspector Chen novels in 2015 so it was exciting to have my own storyline as an old flame of Chen’s in the mystery A Case of Two Cities.

Another secret ambition fulfilled – I was absolutely chuffed when the amazing David Hunter asked me to put on my best Radio 4 voice and read the credits! I felt like Charlotte Green…

BBC Radio 4: Link


The Good Listener

The Good Listener is a drama created by Fin Kennedy following the lives of GCHQ operatives. This season’s episodes were written by 3 different writers; Fin Kennedy, Hassan Abdulrazzak and Anders Lustgarten with each passing the story baton onto the next. 

This season’s plot explores the very real threat of a cyber attack in the UK disrupting the whole country’s infrastructure. I play Katie, an investigative journalist in episode 2 and then Chinese Teacher Fay Yu in episode 3. I felt very star struck playing opposite Owen Teale and teaching him Mandarin!

Episode 2 – ‘Private Lives’ – BBC iPlayer Link

Episode 3 – ‘Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes’ – BBC iPlayer Link