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TOTAL WAR – Three Kingdoms

I’m under a massive NDA so I can’t say much about this but I’m thrilled to be part of the cast of this famous video game. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’ve been amazed by the incredible stories and graphics CLICK: LINK

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Once again, this “zeitgeist-capturing evocation of hope” was a big hit in Glasgow garnering 4 and 5 star reviews. "a zeitgeist-capturing evocation of hope" - The Herald "Jack Nurse's production delivers an evening worth remembering" - The Scotsman "an intense...

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Singing again! An exciting week of vocal experimentation developing 2 musical pieces with musician and composer Pete Wyer and playwright Mia Chung. Pete and I first worked together back in 2002 on a play called Sea of Silence. This time we looked at a blues version of...

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DR WHO – The Silurian Candidate

I’m in Dr Who! What an honour. I’d not quite realised how popular a topic of conversation this would be at parties… A joy to be working with Sylvester McCoy again. The last time we worked together was at the RSC in 2001 with him playing a beaver and me a mermaid. This...

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Singing! And what an amazing group of people to be singing about. The Dirty Girls of Lesvos is a real NGO doing amazing work and literally cleaning up the mess left behind as a result of the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.  This musical by Tess Berry-Hart,...

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The Good Listener is a drama created by Fin Kennedy following the lives of GCHQ operatives. This season’s episodes were written by 3 different writers; Fin Kennedy, Hassan Abdulrazzak and Anders Lustgarten with each passing the story baton onto the next.  This...

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Nottingham Playhouse (Link) Continuing my work in topical, political plays I’m thrilled to be part of the cast of this new play exploring the story of the undercover cops deployed to infiltrate political activist groups. The story hit the headlines in 2010 when police...

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This is a French action remake of the 1974 heist-turned-road-movie. It was previewed at Cannes in 2015. In the English language version I voice the character Maria. You can watch the official trailer for the French film here And read a review of it here: here

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